Energy Storage and Batteries

Poworks' performance lithium products are helping to power the next generation of mobility and green energy.

Glass and Ceramics

When added to glass or ceramics, our lithium products lower the melting point, making the manufacturing process more energy efficient.


Our lithium products are a key ingredient in a number of life-saving and life-improving medicines as well as an aide in crop protection chemistries.


Poworks' lithium hydroxide is a key ingredient of lithium greases, which are highly versatile and help machinery work more efficiently.


Our high-purity lithium metals are making a difference in commercial and military aircraft, as well as rockets, by improving fuel efficients and increasing their payload sizes.


Our lithium products for polymer applications improve the eco-friendliness of vehicles through "green" tires and lighter materials, improve the life and quality of streets, and guarantee better sealing and adhesive properties.