About Us

Zhenjiang Poworks Co., Ltd was founded by Jerry Huang in 2017 to meet international demand for battery and industrial-grade lithium compounds with a focus on sustainable green energy.

Poworks collaborates with research centers and universities in order to develop the latest lithium compound products through efficient, energy-saving, low-carbon methods.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality lithium compound products for a variety of applications and industries. Through long-term cooperation and service, we have won the mutual respect of our customers and friends.

Poworks Headquarters

Poworks Headquarters

Our Products

We manufacture and supply lithium compound products for use in batteries, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, ceramics, and more.

Our Team

Our team is highly-experienced, with members that have worked in the lithium and chemical industries since 2002.

Our Goals

We are dedicated to supplying high-performance lithium compounds to our customers with sustainable technical support and services.
Jerry Huang, founder of Poworks

Jerry Huang, founder of Poworks

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