A Breakthrough Technology of Low Temperature LFP Revealed

| Jerry Huang

A Breakthrough Technology of Low Temperature LFP Revealed

On April 15, an R&D team from Changzhou Liyuan New Energy Co made an announcement in Nanjing that the company had made a technological breakthrough on LFP cathode material, which significantly improved LFP’s performance, as well as charging rate, at low temperature.

An EV powered by conventional LFP battery has its own obvious disadvantage of range anxiety, that is, its range is often around 50% of its claiming NEDC / WLTP / EPA range at low temperatures such as -20℃.

The new LFP material, "LFP-1", is claimed to be developed by more than 20 R&D experts from its Shenzhen Research Center after more than 2,000 repeated experiments in eight years and the R&D team has won 5 patents with it.

The breakthrough performances of “LFP-1” are reported to be achieved by establishing high-speed lithium ion transport channels inside the cathode material together with state-of-the-art “energy spheres” technology; and the material features:

  • Increasing the discharge capacity rate of LFP battery from 55% to 85% at -20℃ degrees, and from nearly zero to 57% at -40℃ degrees.

  • Achieving a range of 500 kilometers in just 15 minutes’ 4C rate fast charging. In comparison, an EV powered by conventional LFP battery usually needs 40 minutes’ fast charge to achieve a range of about 550 kilometers.


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