Cost of An NMC622 Pouch Cell by Region

| Jerry Huang

Cost of An NMC622 Pouch Cell by Region

Currently the costs of various li-ion battery cells differ in different regions or countries. Here is a chart of Manufactured cost of an NMC 622 pouch cell by region, as an example. Source: BloombergNEF

The battery wars continue, with more action in South Asia. The Indian government has just approved subsidies for cell manufacturing.

Indian government claimed that India’s reduction goal of Green House Gas (GHS) emissions will be in line with India’s commitment to combat climate change.

The subsidies include multipliers for performance, and could be worth up to $27/kWh at the cell level!

BloombergNEF estimates that India is already the lowest cost country for manufacturing cells. The subsidies could reduce costs to $65/kWh!

Even if raw material prices continue to increase there will be more downward pressure on cell and pack prices, says Mr. James Frith.


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