Lithium Hydroxide Safe Handling

| Jerry Huang

Lithium hydroxide is highly corrosive. It can burn human eyes and corrode human respiratory tract, digestive tract and skin. In severe cases, it can cause death. Lithium hydroxide is not flammable, but it is corrosive enough to hurt people.

Before handling or using lithium hydroxide, workers / operators must get professional training, and handle strictly in accordance with the operation requirements. It is strongly suggested to wear a full-face mask, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant clothing and corrosion-resistant gloves to avoid direct contact.

EYE CONTACT - In case of a skin contact with lithium hydroxide, take off the contaminated clothing, rinse with a lot of water immediately, and then go to a hospital for medical treatment.

SKIN CONTACT - In case of eye contact with lithium hydroxide, rinse with a lot of flowing water or normal saline, and then go to the hospital for medical treatment.

LEAKAGE - If lithium hydroxide leakage occurs, the leakage area should be isolated and emergency personnel should wear anti-dust mask, anti-corrosion and anti-toxic clothes & gloves, avoiding direct contact with it.

Store in a dry, cool, and clean warehouse. Keep away from fire or heat sources, avoiding direct sunlight. Every and each package should be airtight and separated from items that can react with lithium hydroxide. Prepare emergency treatment equipment for fear of any leakage or spill. Emergency container should be easy to seal as well.

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