New Solid-state Lithium Battery Revealed from Toyota

| Jerry Huang

Mr. Keiji Kaita, vice CEO of Toyota Motor and general manager of its battery department, revealed recently that Toyota plans to mass-produce solid-state batteries by 2025.

In automaking industry, it is well predicted that the novel solid-state lithium battery for EV will be put into commercial mass production by around 2025. And the new solid-state lithium battery will most likely be one of the breakthrough technologies that can truly ease EV consumers’ anxiety on range, safety and charging time.

The Toyota original product of this solid-state lithium battery was revealed to have been installed in a concept vehicle, with an energy density of 450Wh/kg, as twice as that of the current li-ion batteries. As it applies solid electrolyte without flammable material, bearing no impact from extreme natural temperatures, the new solid lithium battery has great improvement in safety. It is boasted to remain 90% of its total energy capacity after usage of 30 years, with a charging time at 15 minutes to recharge from 0% to 100% capacity.

However, the solid-state technology is on its way for further improvement and its cost remains a little high till the moment. “We hope to put this solid-state lithium battery into mass production by the year 2025”, says Mr. Keiji Kaita.


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